Translate UX Insights to Design

 User Centered Design, UX Benchmark, Visual Design

 Interaction design, Prototypes, Wireframes

 Heuristics evaluation, Usability, UI specifications

 Create User validated Design

New product concept for website, mobile apps

Based on our industry experience, we are aware that a new product concept starts with many unknowns and uncertainties. Our UCD process enables us to develop solid understanding of User needs and wants. We iteratively apply requirements prioritization and cost effective design methods to ensure a highly desirable and technically viable Design is delivered to our clients.

Redesign of websites or other digital assets

We always very carefully understand the requirements and scope the User problem that your business is trying to solve. With that as our starting point, we closely work with your team to create information architecture, prototypes and wireframes. Then we user validate the initial design options, much before we engage the visual designers who make the User Experience specifications and graphical assets pixel perfect.

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