Make collecting feedback effortless

See exactly what your users mean with our intuitive screen capture feature
in MoodSense, our feedback widget

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Eliminate the Guesswork

Use MoodSense to collect User Feedback on your website, new features or to receive product enquiries and suggestions.
It can also be used by internal stakeholders to capture bugs during development phases.

What Differentiates MoodSense

Available for Mobile & Desktop

Feedback with Automated screen capture feature

Our easy to use screen capture technology built into our feedback tool makes it effortless for User to send you feedback with pinpoint images

Not constrained to HTML elements

User can have feedback on any part of the website, so our tool allows users to designate any part of the website for feedback; No predefined constraints

Real time Feedback

You can see the response online as soon as user submits a feedback


You can choose your question, place the widget wherever you want

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