Online Testing for Web and Apps

 Testing across Mobile devices & Desktop computers

 Testing of Mobile Apps, Websites, Prototypes, Wireframes

 Screen & Voice recording with written Feedback

 In-house panel of Respondents from around the world

 Multi-language platform

Task-based Testing

Get a clear view of how real users use your website to accomplish their tasks. Get heatmaps, mouse movement, navigation paths, interaction replay and much more on selected tasks (e.g. allowing people easy access to information, or enticing people to make a purchase of promotional items). At the end of the tasks, you also have the option to add in questionnaire to gather opinions from the testers.

5 Second Testing

Get the first impressions from people when you have multiple design options to choose from. Supplement by asking questions to understand the whys behind people’s choices. This quick test enables you to learn whether people click the element which you want them to based on two or more draft designs in graphical format.

Comparative Testing

Gather interaction experience and overall preference from people in response to multiple radically different designs (i.e. graphics or web URLs). This is an opinion test you need if you have two or more draft designs with varied structures of information presentation.

Online User Survey with images

Customized user survey to supplement online user testing

Seek feedback with image attachments from your target users so that you get context to their comments. Test available in multiple languages.

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