UX Design Dec 16, 2022

UX Content Creators to Follow on Tiktok

UX Content Creators to Follow on Tiktok
UX Design Dec 16, 2022

In this article, you will discover:

👉🏻 6 UX content creators to follow on Tiktok;

👉🏻 What kind of content do these people make; and

👉🏻 Tips on training your personal Tiktok algorithm to show more UX content!


We gathered our coolest employees at UXArmy and asked them about the Tiktok content creators they follow to stay updated on UX hacks and trends and here are the top 6 Tiktokers they recommended:

1. @designsecretsss

Design Secrets dissects the motives that led to the design of the things we encounter every day. In this featured video, he elaborates on the reason why button holes in men’s shirts are often horizontal in the first and last holes. His content stands out because of how he can communicate design and UX concepts in a way that is relatable to everyone.


2. @productdesign

Marisa perfectly encapsulates what it’s like to work in tech as a hip millennial. Her content spans career advice, life diaries, UX design tips, and of course – comedy! Beyond that, she also has a lot of content for people who are just starting in UX. If you’re looking for a #WomenInTech inspo, look no further. 


3. @zander_whitehurst

Zander creates snackable UX design tutorials such as animating a loading button and recreating Apple’s Dynamic Island feature. If you want to upskill and stay updated on the latest UX trends, following Zander is a no-brainer.

4. @hoonie.xp


Hoonie is one of the freshest UX content creators on Tiktok. Although he is new, he was able to grow his account to 26k followers in under a year! In this featured video, he explains the psychology behind Tiktok’s UX model. We can’t wait to see more from you, Hoonie!

5. @ux.edward

Edward’s content has so much diversity. He posts content on navigating the UX field as well as Figma tutorials. Predominantly, he produces funny videos about his experiences as a UX professional. Edward is a happy pill to most of us at UXArmy. 

6. @janeyang.design


Jane is a UX Designer who creates content on the realities of being in tech. The genre of her videos is more serious as compared to the creators mentioned above. Most of her content is focused on mentoring people who are interested in UX careers. She highly values engaging with her followers so if ever you have a question that can be answered by her, shoot your shot in her comments section!

If you're new to Tiktok and want to train your algorithm to show more UX-related videos, here are 3 steps you can do:

👉🏻Follow the UX content creators we suggested
👉🏻Engage in UX content: like, comment, and share
👉🏻Search for UX-related keywords, such as usability testing, product design, UX tips, and more

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