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What is UXArmy (Unmoderated Remote) User Testing?

UXArmy offers a platform to help you perform rapid user testing on a low budget and with regional users from the comfort of your work-desk. You can test websites, mobile apps, interactive prototypes and mockups.

When can we see the results of User Study after launch?

As soon as the first Tester takes the Test and submit the results.

How expensive is UXArmy User Testing?

UXArmy offers 10 of your own users for free. If you need to use people from our Panel, its USD 29 per Panelist. For more cost effective plans, write to us at We only respond to emails with matching domains of your company name.

Who should use UXArmy User Testing?

Any “Product evangelists”. If you are a stakeholder in customer experience, including tech entrepreneurs, product managers, project managers, UI/UX designers, research teams, marketers.

You’ll receive audio and video recordings of real people from your target market speaking their thoughts as they complete tasks you specify.

Where are the Users / Testers?

People from all over the world (except Europe) are in our User Panel. We provide recruitment at an additional cost if you need very specific users.

What can I test on UXArmy?

You can test Mobile Apps, Design Prototypes and Websites. Testers can use their Smartphones or Computer depending on which device the Test was created for.

Which Prototyping tools are supported on UXArmy?

We support most Prototyping tools like InvisionApp, Figma, Adobe XD,, Marvel, Protopie, etc. In case you do not find a prototyping tool that you use, please write to us at

Can I Test LIVE Mobile Apps?

Yes, UXArmy supports User Testing of LIVE Apps. You would need to provide a link to your App on Google Play, AppStore or TestFlight.

Can I run benchmarking or comparative user tests?

Absolutely. Test competition websites or your own design variations on UXArmy user testing. You can also run first impression testing by limiting the exposure time exposure of your design (also known as the 5-second test).

How do I get started with user testing on UXArmy?

Super easy. Here is all that is to take full benefit from UXArmy user testing:

  • Think about who are the users of your product and what benefits your product offers to users. Write down the characteristics of these users. For instance, what’s their age group, job type, habits, lifestyle, etc.
  • To take the benefit of your product, what are the most important tasks which the users need to do on your product. For instance, ‘Book a Hotel’ and ‘Check your booking’ are the most important tasks for a Hotel website. User Test is a set of Tasks which you want your users to perform on your product.
  • Create your free account on UXArmy platform and after login, create a Test with most important Tasks. Invite users who match with characteristics of your users. Wait for people to respond
  • As soon as the first user submits their feedback, watch the screen video and hear what s/he had to say about the usage of your product. Review the videos which are supported by Usability metrics and rich graphical representations.

For Smartphone Apps, how does the 'Codeless' user testing solution work?

Just like the Website Test. You do not need any knowledge of App software, no special instructions need to be given to Testers. Tip: Some Redmi and Mi phones have a special user setting which may prohibit screen recording.

What if I want the tasks in multiple languages like Thai, Chinese, etc.?

You can use any on-screen language to Test with users.

How many users should I include in a user test?

We recommend to decide the number of users based on the stage of product development you are in or what you are trying to achieve from user testing.

  • Very initial Design stages with wireframes and high level designs, you can Test with 3 to 5 users.
  • For interactive prototypes, test with at least 8 users.
  • For later stages in product development, invite at least 10 users to cover for variation in responses.
  • For pre-launch milestones and products already in the market, invite at least 25-30 users. This number helps to identify pain points with more confidence.

How many Max. Participants I can select from UXArmy Panel ?

250. You can ask us if you need more. Contact us at

How many Own Testers can be invited for taking User Study ?

10 of your own testers (per Test) are always free. For more users per Test, please Contact us for an enterprise plan.

What if I want my own users to test, not from your user panel?

Testing with 10 of your own users is Free. If you need more, please email us at

How many days my test will be available for users to take it for study?

A Test is active and receiving responses from Testers as long as your Test end date is reached.

Can I create test saved and launch it later?

Yes, absolutely! UXArmy ensures you review the Test contents before you Launch.

Can I put a running Test on-hold for some time after launching it?

Yes, you can Deactivate and Re-activate a Test. However, we advice you to only do so under exceptional circumstances. Attempting to take a deactivated Test would result in failed attempt for some of the invited Testers. Once failed, those Testers may not reattempt your Test.

Can I add / delete tasks after launching any user study?

Until a Tester has taken the Test, the Test can be edited.

There are two alternative options to finalise your Test Design.

  1. You can Preview the Test and edit Tasks before Launch
  2. You can duplicate a Test (even after Launch) and rework the duplicated Test for Launch

Is UXArmy user testing, Quantitative or Qualitative?

The Video and Voice of Testers is classified as Qualitative. The usability metrics like time to first interaction, number of taps, scrolls, etc. are provided. You can include survey questions in the form of radio buttons, checkboxes and paragraph responses which can help you do Quantitative analysis.

Why should I do User Testing?

A product experience which is designed based on best guesses has higher chances of failure, compared to the one that has involved users during its creation. Small fixes in product design can lead to manifold increase in user adoption.

Repeated user-testing from your target audience helps you to understand:
  • How would users your product/feature, this can be in a different way than you had thought
  • What are the most urgent problems to fix, based on where the users are struggling the most
  • Variations in local and regional users’ behaviour in using your product
  • How the product can be made more useful as the user behaviour changes over time

You can ask for a user testing platform demo by writing at

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