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Why UXArmy user testing tools?

Our online usability testing tools are backed by a strong feature roadmap and built around you. Recruitment is fully integrated. By speeding up identification of improvement opportunities, our tools help you to deliver value to your audience and increase your competitive advantage.

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Video Recording

Screen Playback and recorded voice of the testers helps you to understand the detailed reasoning behind the way your testers go about doing their tasks on your product. Whether you are testing a Website or Mobile App, the UXArmy platform records the screen and interactions for each of the testers and upload them on the cloud. The recordings are available for your analysis, download, editing and sharing.

Usability Metrics

Using UXArmy remote usability testing tools, you can measure efficiency, effectiveness of your digital properties. The tools provide you with Task success, failure and completion rates and task completion times. Detailed metrics such as number of clicks or taps per page and per task, mouse hovers hovers, time to first click are also captured. Open feedback helps to gather subjective satisfaction and overall experience that your website or App makes on your testers.

Interactive Heatmaps

Per task Heat-maps let you enhance usability by visually illustrating the way people interact with your website or mobile Apps. View consolidated as well as individual heat maps to highlight what parts of a webpage were clicked right on and, which got people hesitating to click or tap. The heat maps are created for every web-page or screen. The tools allow you to see the number of clicks above or below any point on any webpage for each task.

Navigation paths

At the heart of a user-friendly website or App is an easy and clear navigation. With visual representation of navigation paths of your testers shown next to one another, it is easy to derive the pattern of navigation and identify problematic navigation that might have been introduced during design or implementation. UXArmy recommends testing of interactive prototypes in early stages of defining the information architecture for your website or App.


Scroll maps help you make informed decisions to decide page lengths and how to better arrange elements or sections within a page. Visualization based on attention span of people to every scrollable zone in your web-pages. Different attention zones are depicted using an overlay in spectrum of colours.

Mouse paths

Mouse Action Graphs visualize the exact mouse movement and click / hover actions on every web-page, revealing how people went about achieving their goals on every page of your website. The attention span and actions on specific elements of the webpage vary among people, providing a deeper understanding of interaction for a specific user segment or a tester.

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