Access powerful in-context data to understand and provide improved digital experience to your target audience. User testing metrics, videos, and visualizations give you fast, clear feedback on real users’ experiences - on your website and mobile Apps.

Filter by various criteria and hone in on key metrics without sifting through hours of video. Benchmark your UX to measure change over time and determine how you stack up to the competition.

Activity Videos

Understand users better through video. Watch videos of users interacting with your site or app. Hear them out loud as they use your products to perform most relevant tasks. Understanding what’s working and what’s not helps you build more user-centric, successful digital experiences.

Screen recordings show you what your users see. Watch users search for key features and understand how they navigate your product. Voice recordings let you hear them comment, so you can go deeper and understand the reasons behind users’ actions.

Save time by focusing on the insights that matter most. Organize and filter feedback by various criteria and use rapid results in agile development.

Infographic Visualizations

Use quantitative information as evidence to counter the hunch, guesswork and intuitions and deliver what your users need. View and analyze visual data to faster and better understand how users behave. Infographic visualizations make it simple to put actionable behavioral data to use quickly, while insights are fresh.

Mouse tracking and navigation trees help you determine the path users take through your site, how successful task completion is, and where users abandon. Clearly organized visual data is easily communicated between teams and bridges the technical divides between strategy, design, and development.

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