Create products that delight users

Deliver powerful user experiences that resonate with your audiences. Our team translates key insights into user-centric design.

Put users first with powerful yet practical design. The highly skilled UXArmy team includes expert UX, technology, and business professionals collaborating closely to create awesome product experiences for your customers, from concept to launch.

User-Centric Design

The most successful user experiences start with knowing your users—and their needs. That’s why even our design engagements include some level of user research and usability testing.

Insights-Driven Creativity

Use insights and evidence to drive creativity with confidence. Our team translates key insights into user-centric design through an agile, iterative,
user-driven process.

Invest in design that works - for users, and for you

Ensure that your product designs are within your capabilities. We consider not only whether we’re recommending great design, but whether it can also be technically implemented.

Design consistently, cross-device and cross-platform

Leverage UXArmy’s design capabilities and experience, which spans devices of various form factors while ensuring full compliance with the Human Interface guidelines of specific platforms.

Design skillset of UXArmy

Extend your design capabilities. Elevate your product experiences. The UXArmy team delivers your design needs.

User Journey Mapping

Offer delightful product experiences finely attuned to your users’ needs. We specialise in defining key user journeys based on an intimate psychological and behavioural understanding of your users.

Interaction Design

We design interactions that make the users feel efficient & in-control when they use your product to accomplish their goals. Our team abstracts technology constraints via effective & intelligent interaction design.

Information Architecture

Users expect information to be consistent and organised. Our experienced information architects define the correct abstractions, reducing users’ cognitive load. Required information is available in every context of product usage.

Interactive Prototyping

Our design process is iterative and deeply coupled with user research. Our team specialises in rapidly building and iterating low-fidelity wireframes to high-fidelity interactive prototypes using the most modern toolsets.

Visual Interface Design

Our Visual / Graphic designers create beautiful, trendy, and pixel-perfect interfaces that strike the perfect balance between your brand image and audience’s taste. We ensure that aesthetics doesn't compromise product usability.

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