Ask the right audience the right questions

The right participants make all the difference in the world to the outcome of your user research. At UXArmy, we’ve recruited and cultivated a diverse pool of panelists. We’ll help you select participants that match your target market—yielding the business-critical key insights you need.

Recruit the right user research participants

Leverage the participants whose insight will help you drive change. UXArmy uses screening questions and criteria to filter panelists that match your target audience closely. Our psychographics filters ensures we’ll include the right audience.

Run your own surveys with our panel

Without the right questions and tasks, user research is meaningless. We’ll ask, execute, and analyze, so that you unlock the business-critical insights you need for success.

Create your own community with our help

Incorporate agile validation and insight collection into every step of your process. Create a community of user participants with our help and ensure iterative user feedback is built into your product development approach.

Recruitment skillset of UXArmy

We ensure quality of the participants UXArmy uses Smart algorithms and and manual reviews to ensure that our User panelists continue to provide you with sincere and honest feedback

Screening support
Psychographics filters
Direct recruitment
Communities curation
Recruit or use your own

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