"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." - Steve Jobs

UX Testing


  • Task based, Comparative, Mobile App testing
  • In-house Panel of testers, Multi-language support
  • Screen recording, Heat maps, Navigation tree


  • Test Design, Recruitment of respondents
  • In-depth User interview sessions, Video Recording
  • Actionable recommendation & insight

UX Enhancement


  • Real time analysis and actions to target visitors
  • Customised offers to specific visitors' profiles
  • Build visitors' persona profiles


  • Innovative way to gather feedback
  • Real-time online report, Monthly insights analysis report
  • Customized questionnaire

UX Consultancy


  • User Centered Design, UX Benchmark, Visual Design
  • Interaction design, Prototypes, Wireframes
  • Heuristics evaluation, Usability, UI specifications


  • Websites, Web Applications, Web 2.0 campaigns
  • Mobile Apps - Android and iOS operating systems
  • Intelligent Conversational Chatbots

Our Clients

"We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It's our job to make the customer experience a little bit better." - Jeff Bezos

Here are a few of the clients we have worked with

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Heat maps

Heat maps let you enhance usability by visually illustrating the way people interact with your website. View consolidated as well as individual heat maps to highlight what parts of a webpage were clicked right on and, which got people thinking.

Mouse Action Graphs

Mouse Action Graphs visualize the exact mouse movement and click/hover actions, revealing how people went about achieving their goals on every page of your website. The attention span and actions on specific elements of the webpage vary among people.

Scroll maps

Scroll maps help you decide page lengths and how to better arrange elements within a page. Visualization based on attention span of people to every scrollable zone in your webpages. Different attention zones are depicted using an overlay in spectrum of colours.

User study Overview

Overview page is your consolidated status report of the online User study. This page helps you to monitor the status of your user study, giving you a near real time progress update. You can decide when to start reviewing responses or to trigger improvement actions.

Task details

View the success rate of each of the several tasks in your User study. Analyse detailed Usability metrics along with several intuitive info graphics for every individual tester. Review audio and video recordings of user interaction as testers performed the tasks.

Visitors' Dashboard

A comprehensive User Interaction analytics overview of your website visitors. View their location, device, operating system and browser types. Get to know which pages are receiving most clicks and which cause your visitors to leave or see the winning variant of A/B testing.

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UX Testing

"If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it"
- Lord Kelvin

UXArmy offers Qualitative research and a comprehensive set of online testing tools on Desktop and Mobile devices. We recommend the right User research methodologies and online tools optimal to your research. Our in-house User Advocates panelists take pride in giving usage feedback. We deliver you validated actionable insights.

UX Enhancement

"If you want to be understood ...Listen."
- Babel

At UXArmy we understand your concerns on the low conversion rates. Our suite of intelligent analytics and smart feedback products helps your business to enhance Digital User Experience, increase the conversion rates and you stay ahead of the pack. You get closer to your customers and and retain them easier than ever before.

UX Consultancy

"Good design is obvious. Great design is transparent."
- Joe Sparano

Finding actionable insights and gathering usage feedback is only one part of the User Experience improvement journey. We understand your need to close the loop. Our experienced User Experience Consultants, Designers and an agile software team is fully capable to develop and deliver an excellent Digital User Experience.


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