User Test Anything, not just prototypes

Video recording based user research platform. Conduct user
interviews or evaluate concepts, usability, information architecture.

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Unmoderated Usability Testing

Iterate your Design based on Usability evaluations and recruitment of matching Test participants


Powerful Features for Effective Usability Testing and Easy Analysis

User Interviews with DeepDive®

Have LIVE video interviews with your users, watch the session recordings with auto-transcriptions & time-stamped notes, analyze and share insights, all in one platform


Powerful Features for Effective Usability Testing and Easy Analysis

Card Sorting

Design your information architecture, menus structure, labels and navigation flows


Powerful Features for Effective Usability Testing and Easy Analysis

Tree Testing

Menu categorisation & structuring, evaluate menu labels and categories in your product design


Powerful Features for Effective Usability Testing and Easy Analysis

Panel of testers from
around the world

People screened into profiles suitable for your research. With UXArmy panel, you get Convenience, Speed, Continuous engagement and Cost savings.

Rigorous Security and Compliance. Assured!

UXArmy user research platform demonstrates our commitment of being transparent and effective in information handling. Be entirely worry free when onboarding UXArmy in your organisation. Being a SaaS platform for large enterprises to startups, we take responsibility to ensure our security posture exemplifies trust in management of information security and compliance with region specific regulations, globally!

SOC 2 Type II

UXArmy is certified with continuous monitoring of security, availability, confidentiality, processing integrity and privacy to ensure thorough implementation of best-in-class security and privacy compliance practices. Ask for our SOC 2 Type II report and we would be happy to share it with you.

GDPR Ready

From creation to deletion, UXArmy platform has organisational and technical measures in place to protect the personal data of our users. With GDPR compliance, we track personal data at all stages so that the user's right to be forgotten is ensured by means of data encryption, anonymizing, etc.

ISO 27001

The certification reaffirms UXArmy commitment towards keeping our information security management system robust and safe. Our top notch risk management practice ensures proactive identification, careful prioritization, and systematic reduction of all risks and vulnerabilities.

HIPAA Compliant

Our HIPAA compliance certification ensures that Medtech companies like yours that access, process, or store protected health information continue to engage UXArmy. This is because of the assurance that best practices are adhered to for keeping this highly sensitive data secure. When you work with UXArmy, it’s assured that we match the standards of comprehensive administrative and technical security safeguards.

Product Updates

Regular release of new features and usability enhancements to make your work a little more fun, easier and efficient. We improve UXArmy everyday, one bit at a time.

Enhanced Analysis Space

Researchers are now able to gather all the highlighted text content and the video clips into one space for easy reference and analysis with color-coded tags, and multiple team members can collaborate on the analysis simultaneously.


Discussion Guide in DeepDive

Chief moderator and Co-facilitator will be able to upload the discussion guide in advance before the actual session and refer to the discussion guide during the user interview.


Enhanced usability test Overview

Researchers are able to see their analysis and insights that they extracted from the users’ video responses with a glance in the test result overview


Shareable Preview of Prototype Usability tests

A quick preview of your prototype test is going to look like in users’ point of view


Team members can comment on Usability tests

Team members will be able to provide feedback timely while reviewing on the test setup and previewing the test


Camera Recording in Desktop Usability tests

Usability tests on Desktop, other than recording users’ screen and voice, it will also capture users’ facial expressions while they are interacting with products.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Usability testing, User Interviews, Card Sorting and Tree testing are offered via dedicated tools on UXArmy platform

Usability test your Designs in Figma and all other Design prototypes, Websites and Mobile apps. You get screen and voice recording of each participant as they take the test along with usability metrics like task duration, task success rate, SUS score, heatmaps etc.

We love to adapt our platform to your needs. Drop us details on and our team would do our best to fulfil your feature request.

Yes, for all types of User Research. We also support specific recruitment of participants if you believe you have very specific recruitment criteria.

Sure you can. You can purchase the required number of invites / responses for Usability testing. For other tools on UXArmy platform, there are no charges to use any number of your own participants.

You only need to pay for what you need and when you need. You can make adhoc purchases on top of the Usability testing Plan you are subscribed to.

Sure. Just drop us a line on with the help you need. We really want to see you get started with remote user research.

Visit our Help Center website

Write to us with your requirements via our contact form

All sincerely completed tests are reviewed by researchers and are eligible for payment. Several payment methods are available including PayPal.

We expect constructive feedback while you are in a silent, distraction-free place with a high quality internet connection.

Visit this link for detailed step-by-step instructions The link also has a number of sub-topics for various types of mobile device tests.

Visit this link for detailed step-by-step instructions

A number of things might cause this including one of these i) the test has already received the required number of responses ii) You are logged into the UserAdvocate App using a different email than you were invited on

It is likely that this Test was only built for Smartphone and not for Tablets / iPad.