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Asia-focused UXArmy transforms customer experiences from Research to Design and Software. Strengthen your products and open new revenue streams with criticial user insights . UXArmy’s UX expertise—across multiple touchpoints—make us a powerful partner for all your product development needs.

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The UXArmy Approach

Knowing what users want is not enough. Merging that knowledge with business goal, desired brand image, and technical possibility across multiple touchpoints given your costraints—that’s an art. That’s where we play.

The UXArmy Approach


Integrate user insights and powerful, practical design into all your touchpoints. Our team collects relevant insights and translates them into strategy, design, and creativity that serves users and gives you critical edge.


Recruiting the right participants are fundamental to meaningful, relevant research. At UXArmy, we carefully screen our participants to closely match your target audience and ensure relevant, powerful UX insights.

Garbage in, garbage out. At UXArmy, we know that insights from the right user group are pivotal to meaningful research and product development. That’s why we carefully screen our participants to closely match your target audience. We continuously cultivate our in-house panelists to ensure the highest quality and relevance of the UX insights we provide you.


Ensure UX insights aren’t lost in translation or implementation. UXArmy offers software development and implementation advisory services for those clients who already have their own software team.


Great products and powerful user experiences require customization--off-the-shelf technology isn’t enough. Our team’s expertise in user-centric design and custom software development puts custom technology within your reach.


Apply our expertise where you need it most with our flexible engagement model, native language customization, and array of research methods and usability testing. Our team delivers specific UX service needs as well as end-to-end support.

Some of our clients

"UXArmy was initially engaged to do a user research based on the mobile application that I've engaged another developer to work on. It was through the research that we realised the gaps we needed to fill in order to make our app more acceptable into the market. So we engaged UXArmy to relook into the user interface, user experience of our app which they managed very well, despite the transition from the other developer as well as the technical glitches along the way. What is admirable about working with UXArmy team is that they are willing to go the extra mile, putting in extra hours to make sure that our app is on schedule (despite the crazy timeline we put in place in order to meet the right season) and giving advice to us. That's why we signed on a longer term project basis with UXArmy in maintaining, analysing and developing new functions for our app."

Marketing Lead, Nippon Paints, Singapore

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