Are you an aspiring/new UX Researcher? While UX bootcamps provide a solid foundation in UX, there are essential UXR techniques and strategies that are often not emphasized enough in these programs.

In this webinar, Ada will be filling in that gap by focusing on one of the most practical and effective methods for user research, usability testing. She will talk about why usability testing is a great starting point for newbies and how mastering this technique can benefit you in the long run.

With over a decade of comprehensive UX experience, Ada Yuen has deep experience leading and/or collaborating on strategy, design, and execution to drive conversions and ROI for web-based and app experiences. Through partnership with stakeholders at every phase of the UX lifecycle, Ada adds value to conceptual, high-level, and interaction design.

Ada is passionate about the field and regularly participates in the industry thought leadership and professional development events. Whether partnering with start-ups on product vision or resolving extremely time-sensitive release issues for MNCs, she is strategic, insightful, and proactive. Ada currently resides in Hong Kong and works with clients worldwide.

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Webinars Panel Discussions

19 Jan 2023 | 07:01 PM

Making UX Research exciting again!


Gideon Simons, Head of Product and Design


Spice up your UX Research game this year by joining our webinar with Gideon Simons where he shares tips and tricks in maximizing insights and enhancing collaboration within your research team.


22 Sep 2022 | 08:09 PM

Lessons from UX Research in Indonesia


1) Bayu Ferdian, Director at Giza Lab

2) Evan Gilang, Research Lead at Giza Lab 


With combined experience of 20 years in UX, our two panelists, Bayu Ferdian and Evan Gilang, will be leading this webinar and sharing some of their hands-on experiences working in Indonesia.

28 Aug 2022 | 01:08 PM

The right way to plan your user research : A Cheat code from a UX practitioner

Speaker: Chinmay Palo 

Sr. UX Researcher at Ugam

This was a very interactive session where Chinmay Palo (Sr. UX Researcher at Ugam) shared why planing UX research is important and how we can do it effectively. 





28 Jul 2022 | 07:07 PM

Why UX writer needs to be a dedicated role


1) Unnathi Rayaprolu (UX Writer at Mindtickle)

2) Arya Neelan (Content Designer at Microsoft)

UX Writing is as important as other elements in UX, but why?

Watch our webinar where Unnathi Rayaprolu and Arya Neelan discuss the importance of UX Writing and why it should be a dedicated role.

30 Jun 2022 | 07:06 PM

Impact of UX on Marketing

Speaker: Shirley Patrick 

Marketing UX Researcher at Kissflow

In this webinar Shirley Patrik discussed about how she has leveraged UX in effecting crutial marketing desicion and how it has impacted the growth of Kissflow. She also shared some interesting case studies.

28 May 2022 | 02:05 PM

The Rambling Road to UX Research Career

Speaker: Rachel Miles

UX Strategist at IBM



This Webinar was presented by Rachel Miles, UX Strategist at IBM. Rachel is based out of  USA and comes with a UX design experience of over 7 years. She shared how she landed up in UX Research and made a successful career in this space and how she has executed multiple successful researches. 



21 Apr 2022 | 07:04 PM

Levelling up your User Interviews

Speaker: Lokesh Sharma 

Sr. UX Researcher CBRE

With over a decade's experience, Mr Lokesh Sharma (Senior UX Researcher at CBRE) shares his pro tips on how to conduct insightful user interviews with real life applicability. He has a total research experience of around 10 years.He has worked on products of Amazon India (Fire TV stick, pickup point) Google - Google maps, Google Assistant, Google Search and Google Go.


30 Mar 2022 | 07:03 PM

Design Iteration In Product Development

Speaker: Shivachandra Kasetty,

Experience Design Lead, Hewlett-Packard


With combined experience of 40+ Years Shivachandra Kasetty and Kuldeep Kulsheshtra talk about how iterative design is applied in digital product development. This webinar will help you to directly learn from real-life design experience of our guest speaker from companies like HP, Tata and Possible, so that you can apply this knowledge to build even more delightful products.

24 Feb 2022 | 07:02 PM

Staying Relevant and Competitive

Speaker: Jocelyn Ke

UX Consultant


Jocelyn is an UX consultant with a background in digital and content marketing. In this Webinar she has shared her journey from being a digital marketer to a UX Consultant. She loves the problem solving and humanistic aspects of her work, and is constantly trying to think better.


10 Dec 2021 | 07:12 PM

User Research crossover in Europe X Asia


1) Sanchita Ray, Head UX and User Research, Lazada

2) Amilia Tzanavari, Senior Product Designer, Learn Words


Three seasoned UX Research veterans from different parts of the world exchange notes on how they have tackled UX research problems over the years and the transformations that they have seen in this industry.


This Session was moderated by Mr NatanStantolo, Head Product Design, Air Aisia.

12 Nov 2021 | 07:11 PM

Build customer intimacy with online research

Speaker: Soumya Roy

UX researcher at Lazada


In this webinar Soumya Roy talks about how to integrate aspects of customer empathy into your website/app by leveraging online research. He has 13 years of experience in UX, Quantitative and Qualitative research, with experience in consumer insights and marketing intelligence, UX and new product development, CX and loyalty, across various industries.

29 Oct 2021 | 07:10 PM

Levelling Up Your UX Research Team

Speaker: Jesslyn

Sr. Lead UX & Product Research, Tokopedia


Starting her role as the first and only researcher in the company, she now has more than twenty five researchers in her team, embedded across the product teams. Learn how Jesslyn leveled up her UX Research Team in this informative session.

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