Discovering the Hidden Treasures Using Empathy in UX Design

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Qualitative Research is about the unearthing of subtle and intense human emotions that constitute experience of a Product. In our User research projects at UXArmy, whether Formative or later in the Product Lifecycle, we go to great extents to uncover the true feelings and emotions spanning a spectrum of target users. When we create Designs, we work with User Stories in which we try to cover as many situations of target user segments as possible.

In my experience on UX Research and Design projects at UXArmy, I have interviewed several people. With every research session I seem to get better at what I do, Research. Specifically while conducting Qualitative Research for a Mobile App, that allows colour visualization of over 1000 shades of colours on images of rooms, I found several variations in the manner the target audience is going to use the App.

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With the proliferation of Smartphones around us, the perception margins between mobile websites and mobile Apps are becoming increasingly blur. As a User Experience (UX) professional, I happen to speak to several people everyday — including Business professionals, Designers, Software engineers, homemakers to students and kids. I often noticed that a majority of those people interchangeably starting to refer to mobile websites as “App”.

While speaking to industry partners, I observed a trend of reducing attention towards Usability testing of mobile websites. Thanks to abundance of vendors offering website development, the responsiveness of mobile websites is a given. User testing of mobile websites design is increasingly taking the back seat. In some organizations, designers are not designing the mobile websites anymore, it’s just the bug-fixing of broken views for some web pages.

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As a User Experience Researcher facilitating one-on-one Qualitative Research sessions, asking followup questions also known as “Probing” is very important. Besides recruiting participants in the target psychographics and demographics, the ability to ask the right questions makes a significant difference in quality of Insights.

It is not so much the completion of Scenarios that affect the outcome of a Qualitative Research. Instead, it is finding out the details, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, feelings and rationale behind each of the participants’ actions during the interaction with the Product Interface.

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UX Critics

In recent times, you may have noticed that business organisations have been making deliberate efforts towards becoming more Consumer Centric. The business leads reckon the fact that Consumer Centric products sell better. Our client, an online video streaming service provider, was also embarking on the journey to become even more Consumer Centric.

Their target audience were the tech savvy youth, preferably married with at least one kid, residents of Tier-1 cities of Philippines and India. The client’s objective was to understand streaming video consumption preferences and gather quick usage feedback on their video streaming product.

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