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Case Summary


Taiwan-based multinational computer, phone hardware an electronics company.

Case Summary


Respondent Recruitment

Case Summary

Client Goal

Find the right participants for User Research in a Southeast Asian country.

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This multinational computer and phone manufacturer wanted to find out how a specific target segment would receive their under development product. In the final design stage, the user research was conducted with several product options.

It was challenging to find users who use only a specific brand and model of computers and a defined set of software applications. To top that up, there was a quota for each computer type over the usual demographics criteria.

The other part of our assignment was to find a Venue for user research. The venue was supposed to have a one-way viewing glass to ensure client’s team was able to see and hear the ongoing research sessions.

Services used by client:

  • Respondent recruitment
  • Arrange Research Venue
  • Arrange Incentives

How did UXArmy do it?

The UXArmy team wanted to ensure the right respondents despite the tough recruitment criteria. Normally UXArmy is also able to recruit respondents from our own Panel. In this case, we had to also look outside of UXArmy Panel because of specific hardware and software requirements.

The problem to find the research venue was not hard because most high quality venues are located centrally. Keeping the venue rental budget under check was one of the selection criteria besides client’s preference of hotels and other facilities nearby. UXArmy maintains a list of Venues in most Southeast Asian cities along with details of additional equipment and facilities they offer. This allows us to swiftly offer clients with the right venue and additional facilities they needed

One of the other areas UXArmy recruitment services also helps our Clients is in handling the incentives. The Clients can just arrive at the research venue and collect the well-sorted incentive envelopes in local currency from us. This is quite a convenience for the overseas Clients because UXArmy recruitment eliminates the hassle of exchanging currency and then preparing incentives with right denominations.

During the research period, the team from the client side flew-in to observe the research. The Venue was suitable to accommodate 8-10 people in the observation room. Client teams could see and hear the conversations which the user researcher was having with the respondents. All the sessions were recorded and recordings were handed over the client on the last day of user research.

How did it go?

The Result

All respondents showed up on time and there were no dropouts.

  • All respondents met the criteria specified by Client
  • Handing over the incentives was a hassle-free

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