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Case Summary


One of the three largest Telco provider companies in Singapore. UXArmy has been engaged to provide Remote Usability testing platform

Case Summary


Respondent Recruitment Online User Testing Platform

Case Summary

Client Goal

User Test Design and Interactive Prototypes prior to product launch.

UXArmy support team has been very supportive and available anytime we need them.


The UX team of this Telco provider is working towards a highly desirable user interface in all it;s Digital properties. The team is highly dedicated towards preparing new Design solutions as and when they make sense and aim to achieve higher consumer satisfaction.

As the Client team sets out to create new Design solutions, Usability Testing become critical at all stages - concept, wireframes and prototypes. The business need for this user testing is to provide with extremely short turn around times.

Services used by client:

  • UXArmy User Panel for respondents
  • Online User Testing Platform

How did UXArmy do it?

UXArmy online usability testing platform provides easy to use do-it-yourself user interface to create user tests. The subscribers can use Task Based Tests to gather usage feedback or just Recruit module to set up their own screening questionnaire.

Complementary to the UXArmy platform is UXArmy User Panel, with thousand of Testers in Asia. These testers are real people who are willing to provide feedback for a small incentive.

The UXArmy platform turned out to be a great way to test Design prototypes for under development products and live websites because no changes to the website code are needed.

Everytime a Test is launched, people on the UXArmy Panel receive an email invitation along with a link to take the Test. As soon as people submit the results, they appear on UXarmy account of Client. The UX researchers on the Client team analyse the Voice and Screen videos submitted by the Testers and refine their Design. The info-graphics like Heatmap and Mousemaps aid in analysis of the responses.

How did it go?

The Result

The Client regularly uses the Remote usability testing platform because:

  • It fits within the Design process for rapid feedback
  • It is self-service and support is available to enterprise accounts via Slack

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