Understanding Video consumption habits via UX research

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Case Summary


HOOQ - A video on demand streaming service by Singtel. Asia's first such service to launch across the SEA and India.

Case Summary


Research, Recruitment, Online user testing tools

Case Summary

Client Goal

Adapt video service’s mobile app and website to Asian users’ preferences

Getting results of online user tests was a breeze with UXArmy - everything right from user test tooling to Design of User study, recruitment of respondents and delivery of an actionable report, all was completely handled UXArmy. We got rapid user feedback on early stage prototypes as well as our mobile Apps, improving our chances of success.


A joint venture between three multinational entertainment giants, this premium on-demand video service was being rushed as first to market in SEA and India. Due to an established competitor in this space, user expectations were sky-high. While the client had the required technological competence and content creation capabilities in-house, the team knew that success hinged on understanding more about user behaviour. The client’s team was especially focused on users’ reception of the service’s apps during product development and before launch.

Pressure was high and timelines were aggressive, making the options to quickly gather user feedback rather limited. While the organization was clear on the importance of user experience, however, the in-house capabilities and support for UX research were the limiting factors.

On a short timeline, UXArmy gathered insights about the target audience across two countries.

Services used by client:

  • User feedback gathering on mobile app during several stages of product development
  • Recruitment of respondents from target audience in multiple countries

How did UXArmy do it?

UXArmy’s proprietary, in-house user testing tools and ability to recruit a well-curated panel from the client’s target audience put the project on the path to success quickly.

Combining our tools and research expertise accelerated the gathering of user feedback.

First, the UXArmy team collaborated with the client to design online surveys that established users’ content consumption patterns. Next, user feedback on the web and mobile app’s user interfaces was collected, from the initial stages of design through the later stages of implementation.

Despite the narrow specification of the target audience demographics and behavioural characteristics, UXArmy was able to swiftly recruit respondents to conduct the user study. What’s more, given the UXArmy team’s strong software competence, we could adapt our online user testing toolset to test interactive prototypes regardless of the prototyping tools used by the client. Results were fast, as online user feedback was instantly available, coming in as soon as a respondent took the user test

In the later stages of product development, UXArmy tested the pre-launch version of the Android app with users. UXArmy’s user testing app was able to integrate with the client’s app. As the respondents interacted with the client app, their mobile screen and touch gestures were recorded using the UXArmy toolset--and the session videos uploaded to secure cloud servers for review.

After synthesis and analysis, our team provided the client with an actionable report along with the raw data collected from the user tests. As a result, the client used the user insights and design recommendations of our UX experts to make powerful incremental improvements in its mobile app

How did it go?

The Result

With key insights and UX design adjustments, the client proceeded with confidence in launching its mobile app in key target markets.

  • Mobile app well-received at launch
  • Downloads from the Google Play Store have exceeded 10 million

UXArmy continued to work with the client, performing online UX research and recruitment. We also provided guidance to client on designing the research and survey questions, interpreting results, and optimizing usage of our user testing tools.

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