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Case Summary


Leading transportation network company in Southeast Asia engaged UXArmy to understand the behaviour of people towards App services to which usage of mobile wallet is central.

Case Summary


Respondent Recruitment, User Research

Case Summary

Client Goal

Prioritize and group the new services and find areas of improvement in App Design from a usage perspective

The UXArmy team understood the urgency of the project and completed the research in three weeks of commissioning, including delivery of a full User Research report


This Leading transportation network company in Southeast Asia wanted to understand the people's behaviour towards several new services, including those offered by competition app. The target market was outside of Singapore meaning, the local language was a barrier for client to do the user research themselves. Shorter project timeline also meant that Client needed a vendor which can deliver the project with speed.

As competition was offering similar products, it was important to understand the user interactions where competition was perceived by people as offering a better user experience. Benchmarking the client’s products with their competition showed a clear opportunity to remove the points of ‘friction’ in the existing App interface.

The client tapped on our User Research expertise where our team members local to other countries conduct the User Research in local language. UXArmy helped to group and prioritize the new services based on the behaviour of people in the target markets.

Services used by client:

  • Recruitment of respondents
  • User research

How did UXArmy do it?

Finding the right respondents for user research is the most challenging aspect of projects on a tight timeline. Going by the UXArmy policy of ‘zero compromise’ in recruitment, we activated multiple people in our team’s local network and launched aggressive Digital marketing campaigns. While that meant additional budget and extra people to screen, we went ahead to get it done. After several rejections due to our stringent phone screening process, we managed to get the required number of respondents exactly matching the target audience.

The primary goal of the User Research was to establish the importance and prioritisation of the new services that the client was intending to offer. From the perspective of secondary goals, we knew that some of the existing respondents were highly accustomed to using the competition App. It was required to find out which behavioural aspects of users were resonating with competitor App and increasing the desirability. We also needed to find out the Design aspects in which the interaction experiences of competitor Apps was perceived by users as superior.

Given the short timeline, UXArmy had to conduct parallel in-depth interviews session for user research and debrief after each session involving the two researchers, stakeholders and translators. Findings were summarised and sent out to client at the end of each day of research.

Our team’s user research findings also showed that some of the (proposed) new services were not even required in the local setting. Additionally, the translations on the user interface did need some adaptation to suit the local terminologies - literal translations were not working well.

The team at the Client side was able to observe the interviews remotely - screen sharing supplemented by respondents’, facilitator’s and translators’ voice in real time.

How did it go?

The Result

Given the very tight project timeline, we had to maintain close collaboration with Client.

  • Some of our research findings were applied to the product and are Live
  • Findings on user behaviour and attitudes to new services were used for roadmapping

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